Pixar Onward soon to hit the theatres: Know the details!

Pixar's Onward soon to hit the theaters:know the details

All grown up but still a fan of animated films?? Well, this is just the right place for you, read this article on Pixar new animated fantasy film Onward.

For the past 25 years, Pixar Animation Studio has produced umpteen animated classic that enchanted the hearts of all generations. Its stories were often found walking on that thin line that separated reality from imagination. Jumping from one side to the other.

Stories that were sometimes lighthearted while often emotionally weighted. Moreover, always with a moral that won our hearts.

Pixar's Onward soon to hit the theaters:know details here

Onward is on its way
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Pixar Onward: Release date and other important information

Pixar Animation is back with a 3D computer-animated fantasy film. Named as Onward that will be released on 6th March 2020. Directed by Dan Scanlon while its producer will be Kori Rae. Octavia Spencer, Tom Holland, Julia Louis Dreyfus and Chris Pratt are some of the celebrities starring the film.

This Pixar creation is a fantasy film set in a suburban magical world which is deprived of human beings. The creatures that adorn this magical world are elves, centaurs, mermaids, gnomes, sprites, fauns, satyrs, trolls and many such imaginary beings.

Unicorns, raccoons and dragons to constitute to its population as adorable pets. The magical world has somehow lost its magic and ergo these mythical creatures are a monotonous small-town life’s.

Pixar's Onward soon to hit the theaters:know the details

Pixar’s new movie Source: Movies4kids

Teaser trailer’s out

The story revolves around the life of two teenage elves brothers. They venture out in search of excitement that reckon to still exist at some faraway place.

The teaser trailers are out. However, the quest that these mythical brothers have started still remains to be mystery along with what all things that might cross their path.

The teaser hints that the elves siblings might undergo some excruciating pain. So as to let go of their idea of the existing magic. Maybe the reality is as simple and as permanent as it appears to be.

But Pixar never fails to astonish us. So maybe there is much more out there, much more than what we have ever laid our eyes at.

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