Playdate Panic’s handheld gaming system has a crank


Well, some of you might have heard about the company Panic. If you have played the Firewatch game then probably you know the company. As this game was published by this company. The company panic will also be publishing an Untitled Goose game. This time hs Playdate as the new console gaming system for us.

Playdate. A New Handheld Gaming System from Games

Apart, from this, the company Panic has turned their heads by having a handheld gaming system of their own. This new handheld gaming system “Playdate” is available to see on their website. However, this device is a bit different from the handheld gaming consoles like Game Boy or Nintendo DS. This difference is because Playdate has a crank in the side.

The game designers like Shaun Inman and Keita Takahashi has contributed to this handheld gaming system. Playdate gaming system will be getting 12 games, and one game every week. The titles of these games will be kept as a secret. However, these will appear on the console.

A new game will appear every week

The company says that some of these games will be short, while others will be long. Some games will be traditional and some are also experimental games. The company has also planned more games for the future. Well, further information will be shared by the company at the launch event.

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