PlayStation 5 Will Be The Most Advanced Gaming Console


The PlayStation 5 is the newest gaming product from Sony. People are saying that this gaming console is the best update so far as other competitors are not releasing their console soon.

Since last year, this gadget has been on the headlines and as its release date draws near, more and more details are cropping up on PS5. Once again, not all of the PlayStation 5 details are accurate, because Sony has not released the information.

PlayStation’s Unofficial Prices

Leaks and rumors are widespread as the PlayStation 5 manufacturer doesn’t reveal full information about the device. Now, because these leaked stories have already been proven to be quite correct, many fans take the information seriously. In addition, these leakers typically have connections that allow them to obtain inside information, so there are people who believe in them.

In any case, though it is better to wait for accurate specifics from Sony’s official announcement, fans can still search for reference this information. For example, some posted about the PlayStation 5 price tag, and that was classified as “leaked,” because it has not yet been confirmed.

Rumors said that PS5 will come with the $499 introductory price. Prices in Europe are going to be €499, and £449. A famous leaker @IronManPS5 stated this number and he claimed in his tweet that the cost of the device would be this.

He added that there will also be another version of PlayStation 5, and it’ll be cheaper. The digital model won’t come with a disk drive, so its price is $399, which is $100 less than the standard models. In addition, Sony will sell the DualSense controllers at $59.99.

Specification and Release Date

Sony has already revealed some of the PlayStation 5 gaming fans wishing to learn more. The company stated via PlayStation website that PS5 will feature a 4k blu-ray drive plus a 3D audio and some fans say that the console will also feature an 8-core, 16-threaded CPU, built-in SSD storage and 1 TB space.

In the meantime, Sony will release PlayStation 5 between October and December. For fans who wish to reserve their units in advance, Gamespot reported being able to sign-up for notification through Best Buy, Target, and GameStop.

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