PlayStation Store: The best and the most downloaded games this March


The game enthusiasts are many who love playing and getting updated about the games. The previous month has been one of the best months for the PlayStation stores.

There were many incredible creations which were included. Swords or the guns or it may also be the bats, but the charts about the PlayStation show us the weird games.

Love that they are offered by people all around the world. Here are some of the updates stores about the best downloads of the PlayStation.

Game-feast of the month:

The top downloaded PS4 game is Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. This follows MLB The show 19 and the third most downloaded PS4 game is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The Devil May Cry 5 is also another game that shares the list with all these games in the top list.

The best downloads of this March in the PlayStation stores

Another category of game that people are crazy about is the PS VR Games. In this category, the top downloaded game is the Beat Saber. Then what follows next is the Job Simulator and the third most downloaded one is Superhot VR. Arizona Shine is also the one that is quite a downloaded one amongst all the PS VR games.

Amongst the free to play games the ones which are top downloaded are Apex Legends. On the second there is Fortnite that has been one of the most trending games of the present time. Warface is also again that shares the same criteria.

The best downloads of this March in the PlayStation stores

Gaming this month:

There are legend developers who take good care of craving of the game enthusiast and make sure that they are fed with nice contents. This month, the gamers all over the world have been downloading and playing classic games and the updates of which are enlisted as above.

The people’s attention is always sought by the games with nice content, a plot as well as easy controls which can merely serve as an entertainment for the people.

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