PlayStation’s 5 Detail Specs and Leaked Price


Rumors have been around for PlayStation 5 after Sony released a video about its latest console. Fans are eager to know the specifications as much as they want to own this device.

People are labeling the PlayStation 5 as the most powerful gaming gadget today. As per today, none of its competitors are releasing a new device. Also, PS5 comes with new features and functions as the greatest gaming console.

The Rumors on PS5 Price

Even though some sources mentioned the release will be delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, fans are still waiting for more information. One of the most discussed is the detail on the price since Sony has not mentioned the cost.

A known leaker, @IronManPS5 who has many followers leaked the prices of PS5. He claimed in a tweet that PlayStation 5 console will be sold at a price of $499 in the US and €499 and £449 in Europe. He also mentioned that there will be a digital version of the console, with no disc drive, and will be slightly cheaper. For this version, it will cost about $399, a hundred USD cheaper than the other version. For the DualSense controllers, it will cost about $59.99, €59.99, and £54.99.

PS5 Specifications

Some rumors suggest that PlayStation 5 will have an 8-core, 16-thread CPU. For the graphic card, it will run on one of AMD’s Navi family variants. The storage itself is based on SSD and the capacity could be 1TB. Sony has confirmed on its PlayStation website that it will have a 4k blu-ray drive and 3D audio to enhance the cinematic experience.

Release Date

Those who would like to reserve their PlayStation console in advance, they can sign up for notification on Best Buy, Target, and GameStop. These shops will inform the registrants once the pre-order begins, as per Gamespot. PS5 is expected to be released this holiday season.


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