Pokémon: Detective Pikachu Remembers the Nostalgia

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu remembers the nostalgia

Detective Pikachu, the Pokémon movie is the new craze these days. Harry Goodman, an expert detective was missing. His son motivates himself to know what actually happened to his father.He meets detective Pikachu, an adorable, wise and confused Pokémon. Both of them can communicate with each other uniquely and they set to enter the thrilling adventure. Together side by side untangling and solving the cases ahead of them.

They head start in the neon-lit streets of Rhyme city – where Pokémon and humans exist. They meet various characters in the journey and reveal the shocking plot. This plot has the potential to disrupt the peaceful co-existence of while this could expose something at the end.

Detective Pikachu: Review

It’s a brave choice to make a live movie on the Pokémon world. And it’s great to have a movie for all the Pokémon fans out there. However, the movie doesn’t depicts the Pokémon collection or their adventure. It has the stretch on the Pokémon battling. Those who have played 3DS title won’t be startled by the movie. But for others, well, they need to adjust some expectations for more rythms.

The plot revolves between two main lead Ryan Reynolds and Tim Goodman are addictive. Justice Smith’s prominent role in Jurassic world earned him the raspberry nomination. It heralds a perfect combo as an antagonist against Ryan Reynolds. The movie imposes with continuous jokes and natural feelings.

It’s almost a chemistry between two energetic leads that holds the movie together. The other characters are more likely to ignore. The movie depicts with focus the two of them only. The relationship between the two is to the core and that is a great depiction. However, if it would have inter-wined with the other characters, things would have been even better for the movie.

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu remembers the nostalgia

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Nostalgia can’t be missed

Detective Pikachu is a must watch, whether you are a Pokemon fan or not. The movie makers have done a great research in deploying most of the Pokémons in a single sitting. The 23 years old Pokémon world is no longer into Poke Balls. This has increased to a new world dimension of storytelling.

Pokémon – Detective Pikachu will be a memoir to the Pokémon franchise. The original soundtrack and the Rhyme city location as real. I hope to get a more good review of the movie worldwide. It’s have a major story of a father and son relationship and more of attention can be achieved.

Positives: great comedy substance, original soundtrack and location.

Negatives: it revolves around two major character, action scenes are somehow stuffing.

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