Pokemon Go challenges for the summer is revealed as Global Research 2019

Pokemon Go challenges for the summer is revealed as Global research 2019

As the Pokemon GO is booming every month, making millions for the company. And every summer, Pokemon Go is celebrated with a series of challenges. Pokemon GO challenges provide the various amount of rewards as the players around the globe finishes the challenges. However, this year’s challenge as Global research 2019 challenge is out with difficult tasks. In addition, there are many more challenges coming on its way for the players to complete.

Pokemon Go challenges for the summer is revealed as Global research 2019

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Pokemon GO challenges – Spark’s candy and Candela’s XP details

Spark’s candy challenge is the initial challenge triggered by the Pokemon GO community. It started from June 13 and ended on June 16 with a series of rewards. The rewards can be claimed till June 25 if and only the players are able to complete the challenges.

  • Chicago Fest Attendees challenge allows the players to complete 1 million research just to unlock 2X catch candies.
  • Team instinct: In these tasks players need to finish 15 million researches to win 1 rare candy.
  • Team Valor and Mystic, in both the tasks 15 million research individually to earn half hatch distance and double hatch candy.



Another major task is Candela’s XP challenge. This challenge allows the player in the same team format.

  • Dortmund Fest attendees’ gives a chance to complete the same million research and win triple catch XP.
  • Team Instinct, Valor, and Mystic to complete the same 15 million research as tasks. And gives the chance to win Lucky Eggs, triple hatch XP and double raid XP respectively.

This challenge initiates from July 4 to July 7 and the rewards will be open from July 9. Moreover, it will end on July 16 with a bonus of Entei on raids sections as of July 14.

Pokemon Go challenges for the summer is revealed as Global research 2019

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Other challenges, rewards and bonus timing

The last challenge is the Blanche’s Stardust challenge which will trigger on August 5 to August 12.

  • The same challenge as Yokohama Fest Attendees comprises to complete 2 million research. Thus, giving a reward of triple Catch Stardust on completing the tasks.
  • The same team will compete for 25 million research globally to win or unlock various rewards. This win could allow 3,000 stardust raids, triple Hatch Stardust and one-hour star pieces.


On successful completion of tasks, the rewards will start from August 13 at 1 pm. And later end on August 17 while the time is not disclosed. However, a lucky charm player can even win Shiny Suicune as from the raids.

The Pokemon Go challenges are only available in the selected region of the globe on iOS and Android platforms.

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