Pokemon Go comes up with all new modules

Pokemon Go comes up with all new modules

Lure modules which were leaked earlier by data mines are now available for Pokemon GO officially. Once you download the latest update, you can find in the shop, three new modules. You might be thinking to yourself, how to use them though.

Pokemon Go comes up with all new modules

Pokemon Go Poster. Source: Newsbreezer


The new lure modules in Pokemon go are called

  1. Glacial
  2. Mossy
  3. Magnetic

You can find all these modules in the shop inside the game for 200 coins each. The price is double that of the cost of a regular module. It might be possible in the future that players may be able to get the modules through rewards. If you want them ASAP, you will have to buy them.

You as a player can earn around 50 coins every day by defending gyms with your Pokemon. You can easily afford a new Lure module in 4 days. Once you have got the lure modules, you need to put them at Pokestop in order to attract new Pokemon to catch.
Pokemon Go comes up with all new modules

A lot of Pokemon. Source: Future Game Releases

The kind of Pokemon that are attracted by the current Lure Modules

The earlier lure modules used to attract any and every Pokemon. The new ones, on the other hand, will only bring closer a certain kind of Pokemon.

This will aid players in finishing their Field Research tasks pretty easily. It will also help the player fill their Pokedex in a better manner.

Let’s look at all the types of Pokemon attracted by the new lure modules:

Glacial Lure Module

  • They attract Ice-Type pokemon
  • They attract Water-Type pokemon

Magnetic Lure Module

  • They Attract Electric-Type pokemon
  • Also, attract Rock-Type pokemon
  • They attract Steel-Type pokemon

Mossy Lure Module

  • They attract Bug-Types pokemon
  • Also, attract Grass-Type pokemon
  • They attract Poison-Type pokemon

The game is available for Android and iOS.

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