Pokemon GO: Legendary Mewtwo gets another upgrade

Mewtwo gets an upgrade in Pokemon GO

All Pokemon fans are already familiar with the Legendary Psychic-type Pokemon. Mewtwo is a name that always comes up when people say ‘Powerful Pokemon’ and he is coming in a brand new form.

A new version of Mewtwo is being added to the game named ‘Armored Mewtwo’ and Gamers can faceoff against him during raid battles. Armored Mewtwo, previously was only found in Anime and Mange but not in Video Games.

Legendary 'Mewtwo' gets an upgrade in Pokemon GO

Niantic Labs took this as an opportunity to bring the Legendary Psychic-type back in the field. Also, with a great portrayal of him in the movie Detective Pikachu, it was somewhat deducible that it would be included in the game.

The version of Armored Mewtwo is strikingly similar to the movie Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution. This movie showcased his power levels. To get Armored version of him Pokemon GO fans will have to get to the closest Level 5 raid and takedown Mewtwo for the prize.

Further, Niantic labs have also teased fans with the probability that The Legendary Pokemon villains ‘Team Rocket’ could be included in the video game.

Pokemon Go Armored Mewtwo Raid Details

He has already made an appearance in Pokemon GO today itself. He was released in the game on 10th July, at 4 PM EDT.

Mewtwo will be available for capturing till 31st of July 4 PM EDT after that Armored Mewtwo will disappear.

To take him down you need to have a knowledge of Pokemon if you try to capture him with normal Pokemon like Electric-type and Fire-type you may fail miserably. We have prepared a list of Pokemon which should be used and which shouldn’t.

Pokemon who will mostly Fail
  • Electric-Type
  • Fighting-Type
  • Fire-Types
  • Ice-Type
  • Water-Type
  • Ice-Type
  • Normal-Type and Steel-Type

They may inflict some damage but in the end, he takes them easily.

Pokemon type that is effective
  • Bug-Type
  • Dark-Type
  • Ghost-Type

So go Catch ’em All!

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