Pokemon Rumble Rush by Nintendo launched in Australia


There’s a new game on the block available for Australians and it has been launched without any warning whatsoever. Nintendo launched the game as a country-specific soft release. It is not available in any other country. The game is a sequel in the Pokemon series of games. Mobile gamers will love this game.

What is the game called?

The name of the game is Pokemon Rumble Rush by Nintendo. In the game, you start as Rattata. You have to explore a full island and capture wild pokemon. As Rattata, you need to keep fighting your way.

A new free Pokemon Game has been made available in Australia

All the Pokemon. Source: Pokemon.com

Pokemon Rumble Rush entangles a full world of islands waiting to be charted. Travel through the islands that have numerous amounts of pokemon. Enjoy fast-paced gameplay on your mobile screens.
Pokemon Rumble Rush has been made available in Australia

Pikachu. Source: Polygon

How to play Pokemon Rumble Rush

  • You can download the game once it is available for your region, currently, it is only available in Australia so you will have to wait for quite a bit.
  • You can easily link the app to your existing Nintendo account.
  • The tutorial will make you play as Rattata. You are on an island which sees a high number of Bulbasaur and you can also attack the opposite pokemon by tapping on them. When you defeat pokemon, sometimes you can catch them. You can always earn coins when you defeat them.
  • You can use your caught Pokemon for battles, also different Pokemon have different combat powers.

The game is available for only Android users yet but it will be available for iOS soon. You can download it HERE.

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