Pokemon Snap 2 in search of a better tech for production

Pokemon Producer and Pokemon Snap 2

Pokemon Snap is a Pokemon franchise subsidiary which provides players with the task of clicking pictures of their favourite pocket ball monsters. Pokemon Snap was released 20 years ago on N64.

At the release time, Pokemon Snap the response to the game was generally positive, and still, it stands as a valuable asset to the franchise. Most of the fans are still hoping that there might be a sequel in the ranks.

Pokemon Snap: Can expectations outweigh reality

Now finally Pokemon Sword and Shield producer has given some leaks and has given some tidbits of info. Junichi Masuda the producer in a recent interview with UK publication Metro was probed on why there has never been a sequel of Pokemon Snap.

Pokemon snap 2 is awaited by fans

Masuda didn’t take the question directly. But he did indicate that it needs a total plot twist for the sequel to be possible. He pointed on the fact that they just can’t make the same thing again.

Metro journalist did provide technologies that can provide a possible change for the technology used for the gaming experience. Masuda’s answers suggested that a better-improved technology is required for the sequel to be released. This clearly states that a fundamental change in the core gameplay is needed.

These answers from Masuda have created butterflies in the stomach of the Pokemon Snap fans. As they will be having a mixed feeling about the release of the sequel. On one hand, there will be fans waiting for a unique twist that will turn out to be an innovative approach. Masuda’s words are an indication that there are no plans for the revival of Pokemon Snap.

Fans getting nostalgic:

Pokemon Producer and Pokemon Snap 2

Pokemon Snap was released 20 years ago, and in 2017 it was released again. But this time it was released on Wii U Virtual Console, providing fans with the opportunity to play the game with better gaming experience. This might not be the replacement for the sequel. But this just might be a helping hand for all the drowning Pokemon fans for the foreseeable future.

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