Pokemon Sword and Shield new map, gym, pokemon and other details leaked

Pokemon Sword and Shield leaked

We have got some concealed information for all the Nintendo and Pokemon Sword and Shield fans. The leak confirms that there are still unreleased features for the Switch Role playing game. Nintendo and Game freak both have been leaking out new Pokemon Sword and Shield information this week. This confirms that the previous leak was on the money.

Leaks turning to reality

Pokemon Sword and Shield leaked

Some of the details in the newly released bits of information confirm a previously released leak. Leaks are turning out to be more accurate  over time. The previous leak released gave info that Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing would be a part of the game. The news also confirmed that the setup of Legendary Pokemon and an appearance of Wild area will be part of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Now that this week’s info is out, it’s looking more and more bright that the Pokemon Sword and Shield leak previously was absolutely correct. This also confirms that we have got an amazing few weeks ahead as we are expected to have more info about the game. So all those leaks that got confirmed in the past weeks have confirmed about the info we received.

Pokemon Sword and Shield: More leaks to look forward toPokemon Sword and Shield leaked

So now let’s have a look at the leaks that are upcoming and have not got confirmed.

  • Just like Hop, Marnie and Bede will be two other trainers this time.
  • Bede gets a referral from Chairman Rose and secretary Oleana.
  • Team Yell is a gang, who are causing troubles in game.
  • The new evil legendary Pokemon in the game is Eternatus.
  • Farfechtd will be evolved to Sirfechtd.
  • Greedunt and Skwovet are chipmunk Pokemon who live in berry trees and will attack if you shake for too many berries.
  • The fourth gym is the new fairy type Gym and will be led by an actress named Opal. Nessa, Milo and Kabu were the first ones.
  • Sonia Leon’s former rival who is in search of Dynamax phenomenon on the orders of her grandmother.

The most interesting leak among all these is about the regional Pokemon. We have still not got the confirmation from Nintendo and Pokemon Sword and Shield but these leaks are still overwhelming.

For more updates on Pokemon Sword and Shield, follow The Geek Herald.

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