Pokemon With You anime film announced at Anime Expo

pokemon with you anime

Pokemon has always been a dear friend to every child right from the beginning. It seems like the Pokemon franchise continues to put its best foot forward. Megan Peters was present at the weekend’s Anime Expo of Comicbook.com, where the company declared the official entry of “Pokemon With You” in the Pokemon franchise.

Good news for Pokemon fans:

Pokemon launches Pokemon With You Anime film

Pokemon With You is about to release in the summers of 2020 if the sources prove to be true. The panel featured a 2D animated shot about the announcement, which had the appearance of Pikachu. This marks the latest big entry into the rich franchise of the Pokemon after the release of its first film in 1988. The 1988 movie was titled The First Movie – Mewtwo Strikes Back.

This year we are going to witness the new release of the 1988 classic with its remake titled Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution. 2019 has brought new audiences for the Pokemon franchise with the release of Pokemon: Detective Pikachu. This movie attracted new fans and there is also a sequel believed to be in making.

Ryan amazed to be a part of the movie

Pokemon launches Pokemon with you Anime film: trailer and more

Detective Pikachu star Ryan Reynolds on talks with Comicbook.com revealed that he knew about the Pokemon, but wasn’t aware of the nuances and details, so he missed it.

He gathered some information which turned out to be fantastic, an amazing world. He told like he could not believe how an action movie was not released till now. The star was quite hilarious in saying like saying that the technology couldn’t catch up to this.

Reynolds was thrilled by the prospect of the movie and told when you get to be part of a pioneering trip like this, it’s exciting. With the release of the movie as well as the game Pokemon GO! The Pokemon franchise is certainly the highest grossing of all time. There is another exciting news, Pokemon fans– A Wild Podcast has also been released of Comicbook.com.


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