Popshot will bring about a change in how you look at web browser

Interactive Smartphone Browser is now a thing! Meet Popshot

Popshot is a first-of-its-kind Interactive Browser made for smartphones. It will definitely change the way we look at web Browsers. Exploring the web, Saving offline docs and Sharing them would totally change with Popshot.

The characteristics which will be displayed are that Popshot is direct, informative, more organised and visually capable. Data-Saving will also be a major feature which already exists in regular browsers, still, an enhanced version is promised.

Whilst using data-saving techniques we can automatically expect the browser to be accelerated and efficient. The Browser is customised for Indian requirements but is now available Globally. India’s average smartphones range from 5K to 16K INR, thus the main focus is on low-end smartphones.

Thus the support functions required to install it will be,

  • Minimum 1 GB of RAM (Which is very low).
  • It is also launched as a Lite app for lagging and outdated phones

Thus we can expect it to grow in India successfully. Also, it launched in India first.

Popshot: Display features

The display or look of the browser will be as follows,

  • Instant access to saved contents.
  • Tabs which are In-App are three types.
  • These are Explore| Friends | Personal.
  • Explore is the same as that of Instagram’s Explore.
  • Here you can view, edit, upload and share your so-called PopShots.
  • The personal section is also similar to Instagram’s saved section.
  • Here you can view your saved Popshots.
  • Here a new feature is also introduced called ‘Deep-Linking’ for screenshots.
  • Friends section holds the indexed fashion where you share the content with your friends.

With the technology moving and focusing towards more smartphone-based tech, the CEO of Popshot commented,

“We say – Save the Web – because first of all, Popshot literally does that. But, more importantly, we think the future of the Web is through our smartphones.”

Thus this now Interactive browser can be titled as ‘If Google and Instagram had a Child’. Moreover, this will establish a new era in browser history with more and more updates in already established browsers and social medias Popshot will try to find its place.

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