Post Malone releases his come back song Goodbyes

Post Malone's come back song's clip released: Goodbyes

Ever since Post Malone released his second album Beerbongs&Bentleys the previous year, fans were curious about what next will come?? The year-long tiresome wait finally came to an end!! As a cinematic clip of Post Malone’s new track is out!!! The new track which is named as “Goodbyes” features Young Thug.

Post Malone new music video’s clip is out!!

“Goodbyes” is a music video which set in the old 50s times. Colin Tilley is the director while Loius Bell acts as its producer. Loius Bell as acted as a frequent collaborator with Post Melone, and is an old friend.

Post Malone's come back song's clip released: Goodbyes

Goodbyes is the come back song of Post Malone
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The video sings the tale of a brutally killed club singer. The 50s-set-video showcases how the club singer comes back-to-life in a graveyard after getting murderously stabbed by a rival gang. Young Thug features the music video as the club singer. While the role of Post’s lost love is played by Kathryn Newton. She best known for her works in Pokémon Detective Pikachu and the famous Big Little Lies.

The video encases a subtle blunder in it!!

The video takes its viewers on a proper tour of 50s time. The experience enhanced with the special effects provided by leather jackets and uber-cool hairstyles. However, like nothing is completely flawless this video too has a gaffe.

Post Malone's come back song's clip released: Goodbyes

Young thug rises from death!
Source: Free Malaysia Today

The 50s set video inexplicably holds a present time bottle of Bud. The bottle makes an unfathomable appearance in the video in the hands of Post Malone. However, the heartbroken sad song brings out the feeling of pain and anguish in the hearts of its listeners.

What the cinematic video holds for us??

The song is produced by Loius Bell in collaboration with Brain Lee. The singers croon in the background with the words

Me and Kurt feel the same/too much pleasure is pain, My girl spites me in vain/all I do is complain.”

Post Malone previous two tracks “Sunflower” and “wow”, succeeded in marking their presence in the Top 10 songs on the Billboard. Let’s hope and pray this song follows their legacy and make Post even more proud.

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