Power Rangers reboot announced by a previous-cast member

Power Rangers reboot announced by a previous-cast member

The latest Power Ranger movie received mixed reviews coupled with a terrible box-office performance. It some-how managed to appeal certain section of fans, however failed on the global platform level. So instead of heading for a sequel, Hasbro decided to manage the collateral damage. As a result, a reboot of the Power Rangers movie is speculated to be under-construction. However, the biggest twist is regarding the cast selection!!

Power Rangers reboot overtakes its sequel!

Power Rangers reboot announced by a previous-cast member

Power Rangers reboot is on its way
Source: Variety

As reported by Dacre Montgomery, who featured as the Red Power Ranger, the reboot plans are under-way. However, the actor stated that Hasbro’s reboot will not feature any of the cast member from 2017 film. So, maybe in this reboot Hasbro is trying to set all things right. Leaving no stone unturned in his attempts.

The now Stranger Things actor Dacre revealed the appalling news during his promotion of the aforementioned series. The actor participated in the Ask Me Anything on the Stranger Thing subreddit which was being held in support of the 3rd series of the show.

How the news made it to media?

Power Rangers reboot announced by a previous-cast member

New cast is supposed to adorn the film
Source: SheKnows

Montgomery declared on the subreddit that there is a movie in works, however, he has not been approached for it! Darce wrote

I think there is a movie in the works but it’s not with me and the cast. So yes but not with us,”

However, the fact that Hasbro is yet to make an official announcement cannot be overlooked. Though the actor seems quite certain and sure about the news, nothing is for certain now.

Due to the uncertainty, changes of plan owes a huge probability of chances. The project is speculated to be in its early stage. However, how far has the project reached is undefined.

Power Rangers IP got purchased by Hasbro the previous year, and its depressing performance caused a great stir. The $142 million earning of the film in the box-office marginally surpassed the estimated $100 million set budget.

Let’s see when these wild-fire like rumors get cemented into reality!!

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