Powerbeats 3 price slashed over 50% on Amazon

Powerbeats 3 price slashed by 50 percent on Amazon

The Powerbeats 3 released in 2016, is now available at a 50% discount on Amazon. As Apple ditched the use of cords later, making every accessory wireless the Powerbeats 3 is one of them and it can be grabbed at a lower price.

Powerbeats 3 price slashed over 50% on Amazon


Powerbeats 3 – specifications

The Powerbeats 3 is specially designed for workout sessions. However, it should not cost more than a gym membership for a month. The headphone’s build quality is quite a prime with its flat cable. The control module is minimal and it’s not perfect at times.

On the other hand, the best feature Powerbeats 3 accompanies is its battery life. The headphone can be banged for 12 hours at a single charge. However, it’s more than the recently released Powerbeats Pro with a battery lasting for 9 hours. The fast charge enables the headphone to gear up a 5 minutes charge for 1-hour playback.

Moreover, Apple’s W1 chip installed won’t have connectivity issue with Bluetooth. The same chip used in the AirPods. However, the Powerbeats 3 may differ in connection used either with Apple or Androids. In addition, the comfortable ear tips adjusted won’t let the headphone to slide while working – out. Along with the ear tips, the over-ear hook will make it super secure and flexible.

The Powerbeats Pro also has an outstanding bass but this won’t give you the quality it wants. However, beats is known for the quality of output its results. But, during the heaviest workout, the headphone may seem feeble but the quality may not decrease as sounds.

Powerbeats 3 price slashed over 50% on Amazon


Price has dropped

The headphone can also be connected to the Siri, for hands-free functions. And moreover, the headphone is not buying at a price of 199.99 US Dollars at the time of release. But, now with the Amazon sale, the price has been slashed down over 50%. It can be availed at a price of 99.99 US Dollars.

In conclusion, the headphones are in the sale for now. The price is slashed for over 50% from 200 to 100 US Dollars. Including, the Powerbeats 3 has a flash charge and extra ear tips for better comfort.

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