Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Rumors: Royal Couple Renews Vows Amidst Pandemic?


Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles ready to renew their vows? According to a tabloid, the ceremony will happen soon. However, it may not seem like the right time.

Renewal Ceremony

According to New Idea, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla have plans to renew their wedding vows. The source further said that the couple is a ‘beacon of trust’ and they have given hopes to everyone during the stressful and sad pandemic times. Is it time that the two should renew their vows?

Even though the cover of the article is titles “Shock Secret Behind Second Wedding!”, the content is mere speculation about the ceremony. The unreliable source has no evidence to show that it is actually happening. The entire story seems made up and totally misleading.

Duchess Camilla formally a Queen?

The main purpose of the ceremony is not just public celebration of the relationship of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker. Does this also indicates that she could be the future Queen?

However, recently in March 2020, it was clarified that Duchess Camilla will be given the title ‘Princess Consort’ after Prince Charles ascends.

Mismatched Timeline

On the whole, the story is distraught and bogus. In April 2005, the couple got married. So it would be appropriate to host the renewal ceremony on their anniversary. Further, this is a personal decision of the couple and not merely public’s wish.

Even though the couple wishes to hold a renewal ceremony, this is certainly not the right moment to do so.

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