Prince William and Kate Middleton to become ‘King and Queen’ after Queen Elizabeth?


Are Kate Middleton and Prince William ready to take the throne already? If this is true, then Prince Charles would be left out in the cold.

Prince William to become the King soon?

According to a source, there is going to be a monumental change in the line of succession. The Queen has been serving the throne for seven decades now and deserves a break. The source claims,

William and Kate will supersede Charles to take the throne when the queen abdicates.

Prince Charles ready to give way?

Prince Charles has no issues with Prince William jumping the line. The father and son have a similar idea for the monarchy. So there won’t be an issue if Prince William takes the throne.

Sources report that the queen has been slowly delegating her responsibilities to Kate and William already. Some of these duties include visiting hospitals, charity work and liaising with the royal aides directly. Prince Charles have been looking after these duties for a long while.

The Sussexes’ Exit

One of the reasons why the queen would allow the Cambridges to take up the throne could be the way they dealt with the Sussexes’ exit. Sources claim that it would be very difficult for the queen to deal with the entire situation without Kate and William.

However, it is a bit odd to hear about such huge changes in the line of succession from the tabloids. If there was any such news, it would come straight from the Crown itself. Also, this has never happened before and there are no reasons to believe that it may happen now.

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