Project Scarlett from Microsoft’s Xbox Console out during E3 2019

Project Scarlett from Microsoft’s Xbox Console out during E3 2019

Microsoft unveils the next generation gaming console under Xbox as “project Scarlett”. The new console is expected to be four times more power from the previous consoles. Moreover, the latest console is powered with an advanced chip which can allow frames to be 120 per second. This news revealed at the latest E3 event further, the console will also carry an SSD drives.

Project Scarlett from Microsoft’s Xbox Console out during E3 2019

Project Scarlett will initiate with the Microsoft’s Halo
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Project Scarlett for Xbox is the new destination for cloud gaming and upgrades

During the E3 conference, Xbox panel revealed around 14 games out of which Gears 5 is one of them. While it is in the air that Microsoft’s popular Halo will initiate the release of Xbox Project Scarlett. On the other hand, Microsoft’s rival Sony also made a revelation about its latest PlayStation 5. The PS5 carries almost the same specification but is powered by AMD chip.

Further, Microsoft confirmed that the game streaming services “Project xCloud” will be available from October. Just after this, Google’s new Stadia Pro is already making available bunks for its newly developed games with a launch date on November. With the new Project, Scarlett players can access games directly rather than squeezing in Microsoft’s server.

What is new in the new Xbox console?

The xCloud server will allow the players to play irrespective of places. For saying this it means, there will be around or more of 3500 games without any prior changes with the hardware. Microsoft earlier said about this project as they are working on some streaming services that could run on any platform.

Project Scarlett from Microsoft’s Xbox Console out during E3 2019

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Above all this internet speed could affect the gaming structure. Analysts have determined that Microsoft is bringing cloud space into something new phase. Whether to uphill in cloud gaming or making strong in its infrastructure or more extreme gaming world.

Overall, the xCloud gets a preview during the month of October and the company will get over some dead spots if it occurs. While several other gaming companies are making hard decisions to increase their gaming revenue. And for now, the Project Scarlett is scheduled to release the next year 2020 during holiday seasons. Check out The Geek Herald for more exciting updates.

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