Psych: The Movie 2 – Two guest stars revealed on Twitter for the comedy-thriller

Psych: The Movie 2- Updates

Two guest stars will be there in the movie Psych: The Movie 2 that is to come soon. Joel Mchale will be making the guest appearance. But the character portrayed by him would be mysterious enough to leave the audience wondering to know more. The team members made the announcements on Twitter. In this movie, Roday plays a fake psychic detective.

Psych: The Movie 2 – The predecessor at a glance

Psych: The Movie 2 is a comedy film and this movie could also avail much acclamation by the critics. This is kind of mysterious as far as the story-line is concerned.

Sam, the partner of Juliet is shot dead. The Psych team now puts in all the efforts to figure out the information under wraps.

Basically, they strive to know the person who committed the crime and the reason behind that. There is also a mysterious organization. They give threats to Juliet. The threats are based on some illegalities which are not committed by her.

Psych: The Movie 2

Source: Indie Wire

Shawn refuses to marry someone. This is so because he is determined to find out the stolen ring of his grandmother. Gus is all taken for an attractive woman. The woman puts to use all the best moves in his very own playbook.

The expected plot of the sequel

The story-line centres in the plot where Gus and Shawn happen to return to Santa Barbara. But they return with the intention to provide assistance to the old police chief.

However, they eventually find themselves unwelcome. This is so because they entangle the case even more instead of sorting it out. In fact, they secretly do that by involving supernatural powers in it as well.

In those times, people loved  Psych: The movie. It is also quite sure that the sequel also deserves such love and acceptance. But again there is some dependence on the screenplay and other things as well. The fun mixture of comedy and mystery is a thrill for the audience.

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