Psychedelic mushrooms have been finally decriminalized in Denver

Denver Finally decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms
psychedelic mushrooms finally got banned after the voting

Denver is the first city in the United States which finally legalised the psychedelic mushrooms which are also known as “Magic Mushrooms”.

According to the report, after closing the voting early on Wednesday, the total number of people who are against Magic Mushrooms is more than those who are in its favour.

Colorado is the only state to legalize marijuana in 2012 and gives importance to the statement Rocky Mountain High. Denver is also part of this famous state. Denver is the very first city that has legalized the use of these psychedelic mushrooms.

Denevr is Finally Decreminalize psychedelic mushrooms

Magic Mushroom is now finally illegal in Denver

The voting session to legalize the use of psilocybin mushroom was held on Tuesday. The results came on Wednesday and 52% of people are against the use of these magic mushrooms. So the use of this magic mushrooms along with the sale is now illegal and you can get punished if you exploit the rules.

But not only this, there are still so many different kinds of mushrooms who contains the substance called Psilocybin. This also possesses hallucinogenic substances. According to the federal policy, this mushroom has no relation with medicinal properties. So the substance Psilocybin is now banned for the next 50 years.

Denver Finally Decreminalize psychedelic mushrooms

Magical mushrooms are now decriminalized in Denver state

Reports From Medical Researchers

Some medical researchers say that substance like wired, allure and psilocybin. These substances mostly use by a person when he/she is feeling anxious, depressed and have other mental conditions. In these cases doctors usually recommending is only taking small amounts of the hallucinogenic substance. So that they can rid out of negative feelings. Substances like LSD and MDMA also use for the same reason.

But before Denver, there is one more city which did the same push in back 2018. That is California, but voting for this cause never happened.

On-going research

Research is still going on about the advantage of psilocybin. As I am sure after knowing about the advantages, illegalize would turn into legalizing. But until then “magic mushrooms” are strictly banned.

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