Bad news for fans as Psychonauts 2 rescheduled again

Bad news for Psychonauts 2 fans:

All the dearly awaited eyes of the Psychonaut fans still need to wait till 2020. Developer Double Fine, which is recent inclusion of Microsoft has confirmed about shifting the release dates of Psychonauts 2 to 2020. This makes it final that the anticipating fans will need to wait for one more year.

The news was announced through a post to Fig. Fig is a crowdfunding website where the game had earned around $3.9 million in 2016.

Psychonauts 2 wait continues

Double Fine confirmed said that the delay might be tough, but its a better decision to provide variations in Psychonauts 2. Double Fine said that it is disappointing when you need to wait for one extra year.

But having an amazing community of fans really helps you a lot. So for the game to be better than the previous version it needs time.

Double Fine has confirmed the fact that despite being hired by Microsoft, the studio will release Psychonauts 2 on every possible platform. This confirms the fact that it will be released on PS4, Xbox as well as PC. While you still need to wait for the release of Psychonauts 2, there is good news.

Double Fine’s next prospect the 3D action rogue-similar game called as Rad, will be released on August 20 for both console and PC. The game is confirmed to be published by Bandai Namco.

Bad news for Psychonauts fans:

Fans still vulnerable

Fans are again kept waiting as it is the second time that reschedules has taken place. The last time it was rescheduled was from 2018 to 2019. The reason for the previous reschedule was a playable build in 2017.


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