PUBG Season 7 have exciting updates

PUBG Season 7 have exciting updates

PUBG – the battle royale game has received another update 0.12.5. The update has started rolling out globally with the new PUBG Season 7. In addition, to the update – PUBG released information for Royale Pass and various rewards with feature updates.

PUBG Season 7 update has a lot of changes including new costumes, skins, frame avatars and various accessories. The game with its recent update has added a new weapon, Skorpion to its inventory. In addition, the previous major weapons – AKM, Kar 98K and more will get new skins. Also, there are new skins for level 1 to 3 helmets as well as for level 1 backpack.

Moreover, the elite upgrade and the Plus tier can opt for 600 and 1800 UC respectively in PUBG Season 7 Royale Pass.

PUBG Season 7 have exciting updates

PUBG Season 7 has rolled out on May 17
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PUBG Season 7 new updates

  • The PUBG Season 7 Royale Pass is appended with EZ mission license. This license helps to unlock and play the challenges before a week. The challenges can earn them mission cards every week.
  • Now, with the BP, players can buy items.
  • The recent update has done with new mustache and parachutes or flight trails.
  •  “Charge” and “bunny Dance” are the new emoticons.
  • “Skorpion”, machine pistol with 20 rounds of 9mm will be available in all maps.
  • Players of the Middle East can now a new dedicated server.
PUBG Season 7 have exciting updates

New updates and brighter skins
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  • There is an adjustment in the subscription fees.
  • The sound has been tuned to reduce fluctuation.
  • On purchasing the new Royale pass, players will get a bonus of 100 PR points.
  • After crossing the 100 Royale Pass, players can get two exclusive costumes such as Urban Scavenger or Assault Squad.
  • Introduction of “Gameplay Management” to liberate a more sustainable and equilibrium game experience.
  • The management has created a pop-up for new players to confirm their age. Moreover, the players under 18 need to acknowledge gaming advisory before logging in.
  • The Gameplay management has been extended to various regions of the world including North African and Asian countries.
  • Moreover, a time limit has been set for the players as a reminder.

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