Queen Elizabeth Death Rumors: Who will Take up Mantle of Royal Duties if Queen Really Dies?

Queen Elizabeth Death Rumors Who will Take up Mantle of Royal Duties if Queen Really Dies

Queen Elizabeth II death reports were circulating online lately and everyone was worried that the royal figure has passed away. But it was just fake news and rumors, as the Queen is well alive, upright and breathing without any trouble. However, for some time the news broke the internet as rumors of Queen Elizabeth dying started to spread on Monday morning.

The rumor went viral after “Queens passed away this morning, heart attack, being announced 9:30 am tomorrow,” text was leaked online. Even though Buckingham Palace never responds to such rumors, the spokesperson for the palace debunked it and revealed that Queen Elizabeth is not dead and doing well. However, it raises an important question, What will happen if Queen Elizabeth dies, who will take the royal mantle and do the royal duties?

What Happens if the Queen Dies?

What Happens if the Queen Dies

Queen Elizabeth is currently 93-years-old and even though she is in good health condition, anything can happen at this age. If something happens to Queen Elizabeth, the royal protocol will follow the same procedure as if the queen retires. The royal duties will be passed on to the next person in power and they will handle everything after Queen Elizabeth is dead or retired.

As of right now, the Prince of Wales named as Prince Charles, the oldest son of Queen will be the next rightful heir to the throne. While Kate Middleton could be the next queen of England as per the rule of succession.

Prince Charles and Queen Kate Middleton

Prince Charles and Queen Kate Middleton

The shifting of power in the Royal Palace has already started as Prince Wales has been preparing to take over the responsibilities of Queen Elizabeth. In a recent incident, everyone from the royal family was gathered at the Cenotaph in Whitehall on November 10 for the traditional Remembrance Sunday ceremony. During that, Prince Charles laid a wreath instead of the Queen, which is an indication of what is about to happen very soon.

Even Kate Middleton is learning more of the royal duties so she could become the future Queen of England. She has been trying to solve social problems, poverty, hunger, homelessness, mental health, etc. which are all traits of a future queen.

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