Queen with Adam Lambert Kick-Start The Rhapsody Tour

The Rhapsody Tour Queen with Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert decided to team up with the remaining members as the new lead singer for the Rhapsody Tour. Ever since the Academy Award-winning movie Bohemian Rhapsody came out, fans have had a lot of interest in the rock-band, Queen. With Freddie Mercury’s death, the band did not have a lead singer until now.

Adam Lambert is Queen's new lead singer for the Rhapsody Tour

The Rhapsody Tour

Queen and Adam Lambert kick-started their latest ‘Rhapsody’ tour on the 10th of July in Vancouver at the Rogers Arena. The entire tour is supposed to be done in 3 legs covering North America, Asia and Oceania. The tour started on 10th July and will go on till February of next year.

They made the audience go crazy like Queen always does. The band opened their set with Now I’m here and then went on to sing many other hits by themselves. And as expected, they ended the show beautifully with their biggest hit Bohemian Rhapsody and mesmerized everyone present.

New Freddie or Unique Lambert?

For all the original Queen fans, seeing someone lead the vocals would be very different and unusual. But Lambert did a great job at bringing his own style and touch to the performance. He didn’t try to fit into the void that Freddie’s demise created. Instead, he made his own place.

Adam Lambert carves his own niche in the band- one of the many high points of The Rhapsody Tour

Being able to do that in a band that has been loved and looked up to by so many people is not easy. Adam Lambert could very easily look like someone trying to copy Freddie Mercury or fit into his place. But he decided not to do that and shined in his own light.

Whatever it might be, fans (and we xD) get to see Queen perform again and that is always a treat to the eyes and ears and every organ possible. And even though we miss Freddie, we’ll always love Queen and the amazing music they’ve given us.

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