Real Life Battle Royale Tournament: Is it the future of gaming?


A real-life battle royale tournament may feel more like of the something out of the whole scene of fiction. This is more of the reality or the plans to turn things into reality. An anonymous organizer is now prepping to put out an event like such. It would have people fighting with each other for a grand prize.

Real Life Battle Royale

This is something that might appear quite unreal. But again there are few things that will help you digest the fact. The game will definitely not be using real weapons. This is not at all supposed to lead to any kind of threat for the people which can risk life as well as health.

An anonymous millionaire wishes to host the life Battle Royale

Battle Royale PUBG

This is also announced that any person who feels to have enough qualified to design such a kind of set up must apply. Hush Hush which is a website meant for luxury which ultimately happened to receive the original request.

There is hardly any information revealed regarding the ways with which the players can sign up. And they can claim their participation in the event. After the set up happens to develop nicely, more information will mostly be released after the events happen to have certain firm support.

An anonymous millionaire wishes to host the life Battle Royale

Battle Royale FIrst Person Shooting

There is still a lot not known about the event and this is something that will be revealed after the game happens to have a normal setting. The safety of the people also has to be ensured in the Island.

The most important thing is that there is no other way of getting more information about the game. The game seems to be quite a nice idea and is also very unique being the first of its kind. The game enthusiasts are looking forward to the game which is all new and refreshing in the market.

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