Realme Released 125W Fast-Charging Technology


The smartphone vendor, Realme, has officially released its latest fast charging solution with the name “125W UltraDART”. The Chinese company introduced this technology exactly one day after their parent company, Oppo, released the same technology.

Realme representatives also confirmed that the fast-charging solution that Realme itself carries is actually the same technology as Oppo. “To be honest, we still share technology with Oppo. However, we can still create our own solutions,” said the representative.

With this Realme fast-charging technology, a smartphone with a 4,000 mAh battery is able to charge as much as 33 percent in just three minutes.

Realme and Oppo together claimed that the technology can charge a battery up to 100 percent within 20 minutes. The representative continued that the fast-charging remains safe for smartphones. Temperature control is available within this 125W UltraDART charger adapter, keeping the phone temperature less than 40 degrees Celsius.

The 125W UltraDART charging is compatible with dual Type-C cable and supports the previous generation fast charging protocols, such as VOOC, SuperVOOC, SuperVOOC 2.0, SuperDart, and Dart Warp.

Realme does not disclose any brand-new devices that will get the 125W UltraDART technology. However, the company tried to embed the technology into smartphone Realme in various segments. “This solution will be present in Realme smartphones from various segments. We will soon reveal what products are supported by the technology in Indonesia in the near future,” concluded the representative.

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