Reboot of 1980s sitcom ‘Punky Brewster’ in the works

Reboot of 1980s sitcom ‘Punky Brewster’ in the works
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Punky Brewster is getting a new reboot. The old series started on September 16, 1984, and ended on May 27, 1988, on NBC network. The series revolved around Punky Brewster who is taken by crusty Chicago photographer Henry Warnimont after she gets abandoned by her family.

Reboot of 1980s sitcom ‘Punky Brewster’ in the works

Credits: TV Insider

Punky Brewster Reboot cast and characters

The old American sitcom is about to make a comeback after almost 31 years. Universal Content Productions will serve as the lead production company of the series. According to the sources, the sequel is still under development.

Moreover, Soleil Moon Frye is expected to star as a young kid in foster care. Also, Frye is going to reprise her role in the new tv show. She is also expected to serve as executive produce along with show creator David Ducion.

Besides, the series would be written by Jim and Steve Armogida (“School of Rock”). Jimmy Fox of Main Event Media will also serve as executive producer on the show. As per the reports, the new project is not attached to any network.

Sadly, George Gaynes who portrayed the role of Punky’s foster parent passed away in 2016. Plus, Susie Garrett who portrayed the role of Cherie’s grandma Betty Johnson died in 2002.

A new plot of the Punky Brewster Reboot

According to the sources, the story of the new series will showcase the life of grown-up Punky. Now, she has become a single mother of three kids. But one day, she meets a young girl who reminds her of her childhood.

However, if the series releases on TV, then it would join the ever-growing club of revived family shows like Roseanne, Full House, and Boy Meets World.

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