Reddit bans Donald Trump’s Forum, ‘The_Donald’

Donald Trump speaks during a rally in Tulsa on June 20.

Reddit, a social media site, has shut down Donald Trump’s forum on their platform, ‘The_Donald’. This forum is a home base for the United States of America’s President, saying it contains hate speeches.

Some online platforms apparently are doing the same. Inc’s live-streaming platform, Twitch, temporarily banned Trump’s official channel. The platform says the channel violated its policy on hateful speech. On another platform, Google’s YouTube has suspended six leading white nationalist accounts for the same reason.

Reddit Chief Executive Steve Huffman announced a post detailing changes to the company’s content policies. The latest update regulates that the communities and users promoting hate would be barred. The platform has banned about two thousand (2,000) subreddits, mostly inactive.

Donald Trump speaks during a rally in Tulsa on June 20.

A Trump campaign spokesman responded to the platforms’ actions. He said that people will hear directly from the president regarding the campaign app. However, he did not directly address the sites’ actions.

According to Huffman, Reddit will begin to strengthen its content policy. This action has been taken after the departure of Alexis Ohanian from the firm’s board. Former CEO Ellen Pao also criticized its handling of the ‘The_Donald’ forum.

Banned Subreddits

Reddit has quarantined ‘The_Donald’ last year, mentioning threats of violence. The forum had an average of 7,780 daily active users. During its heyday around the 2016 presidential election, the forum regularly has more than hundreds of thousands of visitors per day. A “HUGE” amount, as the president, will say.

Another banned subreddits are the left-wing ‘ChapoTrapHouse’. Huffman said that the forum consistently hosted a rule-breaking content. It had more than 42,000 daily active users on average, according to Reddit.

Only about 200 of the banned forums listed by Reddit had more than 10 daily users. Huffman said, “All communities on Reddit must abide by our content policy in good faith. We banned ‘The_Donald’ because it has not done so, despite every opportunity,”

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