Review of Attack on Titan Episode 54: Iconic, Legendary and More


Attack on Titan is one of the most popular animes and has a massive fan base. Recently the anime Attack on Titan has released another episode. Currently, season 3 of this popular anime is running. Recently, the new episode ” Episode 54″ of the series has been released.

Review of Attack on Titan Episode 54

The 54th episode of Attack on Titan has gained good response from the audience

The episode titled “Hero” has given a huge comeback to the fans. When the episode was finished, the fans gave reviews and flooded the social media platforms.


In the 54th episode of the season, Armin Arlet gets divided its squad into two teams. With the timely appearance of Hange Zoe, most of the squad leaves to hold of the Titan. Later, Eren Jaeger is waked by Armin Arlet. Then Armin relays the plan with which Bertholdt Hoover’s Colossal Titan can be defeated.

Then Eren Jaeger falls from the wall and pretends to be unconscious. While Armin then distracts Bertholdt and provokes him to use all his energy. But Armin Arlet finally collapses then Eren Jaeger secretly uses his hardening powers to plug the hole in the wall.

Episode 54 of the anime got an amazing response from the viewers. IMDB shows a rating of 9.9 to the episode. In addition to this, on Twitter, the episode was highly praised. Now fans are eager for the next episodes in the third season.

Review of Attack on Titan Episode 54

The episode is rate 9.9 on IMDB

The anime AoT is originally created by Hajime Isayama. Attack on Titan is set in a world in which the last count of humans lives. These humans live in a walled city and try to escape the Titans. Titans are huge monsters that eat humans.

The main character of the story Eren Yeager along with his two childhood friends joins the military. Now, these three has to fight the Titans to protect the humans from their attacks.

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