‘Rick and Morty’ Season 5 Updates: Teaser Release and New Villain Revealed


Season 5 of ‘Ricky and Morty’ is confirmed, but there is no news when we will get to watch it on TV. Show runners Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon said that they were working from home. The show’s production is in work.

The duo shared that after hearing about the fans’ disappointment over the slow progress of the show, they have not stopped working. The fans were expecting that the fifth season won’t be delayed as the show runners got the order for the future episodes in 2017 itself. Dan Harmon said,

We had already finished Season 4 and the writers are working on season 5 in two-hour blocks through Zoom. There are a lot of things that are better about a Zoom writers’ room, and they are balanced out by things that are worse.

First Teaser Unveiled

Adult Swim released the first teaser of ‘Rick and Morty’ season 5. This may ease the impatient fans to some extent. This teaser is not an official trailer as the show makers are yet to complete the animation.

The clip shows half done sketches, which are just rough drafts. The teaser shows Rick and Morty trapped in another dimension and Rick gets injured escaping it. Morty carries his grandpa to the spaceship. But Morty has no clue about it and needs his grandpa’s help to operate the spaceship.

Morty tried and luckily they were able to get to the portal and land on Earth. But the landing was terrible and the spaceship crashed into the ocean.

New Villain

Fans will also get to meet a new villain in Season 5. A giant shell pops up after their crash and the new villain on the show tells Rick and Morty that they have violated the water and land law.

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