Rick and Morty Season 5 will happen much sooner than you think

Rick and Morty Season 5 shocking news

Rick and Morty season 4 is still months off. Destined to releases sometime in November, the exact release date is still a mystery. However, I am here to tell you about the unthinkable news regarding the show’s next season. No, I am not talking about season 4, that’s already a famous tale now. It’s about Rick and Morty season 5 and it is coming much sooner than expected!!

Rick and Morty season 5 is coming soon!

Rick and Morty: shocking news regarding season 5

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Now you must be wondering how come the news of next season break out even before the recent one makes an official appearance. It’s all thanks to Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, who broached the subject at Comic Con.

Comic Con 2019 witnessed a sort-of-official announcement that Rick and Morty season 5 is coming soon. The work is well underway and things are going pretty smoothly. Justin and Dan even explained the reason of delay for the Rick and Morty season 4.

We all witnessed the tedious one and half year hiatus between season 3 and 4. Living in doubt whether the show will make a come-back or not. However, the doubts were all in vain and now we even know the reason behind the pause.

Why was there a hiatus between season 3 and 4

Rick and Morty: shocking news regarding season 5

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As described by Harmon a lot happened between the two seasons and he sincerely hopes it never happens again. Harmon elaborated the behind-the-scenes difficulty that leads to the major gap. It was all because of a prolonged contract negotiation which turned more and more complicated because of corporate changes.

The giant merger along with the fault of the system is to be blamed. However, an interesting fact made its way at the end of the depressing news. Possibility of a Rick and Morty movie is quite high. Although no official statements were made subtle hints were sensed.

Roiland said that he and Dan are kicking around the idea and it might get implemented!! San Deigo Comic Con also showed the first footage of Rick and Morty season 4!!!

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