Ring gets an Internet Era reboot in Sadako: Trailer OUT NOW

Ring gets an Internet Era reboot in Sadako
Credits: Moshi Moshi Nippon

The Japanese Horror classic ‘Ring’ is back to haunt people in ‘Sadako’. Besides, the new film has returned with an Internet-Era Update and a new story. Watch the trailer and find it yourself about the Sadako.

First Poster for Japanese Horror Film ‘Sadako’ – Set in the Same Universe at ‘The Ring’ from movies

Get ready for the new movie of Japanese horror franchise which is definitely going to give you goosebumps. However, some fans are excited and some are terrified after watching the new trailer. You can watch the trailer in English subtitles for Sadako below.

Sadako Plot

Sadako is the new Japanese horror film directed by Hideo Nakata. He is the director behind the 1999 sequel Ring 2, the 1998 J-horror original and The Ring Two (American remake).

The new sequel of the original Ring is set in a new premise. Also, the old VHS tapes have switched to online tapes. Besides, the film has added a new modern update to the story.

The plot centers around a psychologist named Mayu Akikawa. She tries to unveil the story of a new patient who is a young girl suffering from amnesia. Moreover, this new patient gets admitted into the psychiatric wing of Tokyo hospital after she becomes a victim of arson.

On the other hand, Mayu’s sibling Kazuma who is a YouTuber gets disappeared after filming the rubbles of the girl’s house. Later on, the story follows around Mayu who tries to search for his brother.

While searching for the mysterious disappearance of Kazuma, she herself gets entangled in the curse of Sadako. The new horror film is expected to arrive this month in at film festival Fantasia in Montreal North America.

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