Russell Crowe and Leonardo Dicaprio: tale of drunken purchase of a dinosaur’s head

Russell Crowe tells the tale of his drunken purchase of a dinosaur's head from Leonardo Dicaprio

It has been rightly said a couple of vodka shots and then nothing seems impossible until the next day’s hangover hits you. Russell Crowe, the Academy Award winner is definitely not immune to this. The actor admitted that he brought a dinosaur’s head from Leonardo Dicaprio and it was what one could call a drunken purchase.

Crowe reveals how he purchased a dinosaur’s head from Leonardo DiCaprio

Russell Crowe tells the tale of his drunken purchase of a dinosaur's head

Actor Russell Crowe and Leonardo
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The Academy Award winner, Russell Crowe spend $35,000 on a dinosaur’s head which is purchased from Leonardo DiCaprio. He admitted this folly of his in the SiriusXM Satellite show on the Wednesday episode. Russell and Leonardo recently worked together in The Body of Lies. Russell told Howard Stern

I bought it for my kids, and you know, cut myself a little bit of slack here, there was a bunch of vodka involved in the transaction and it happened at Leonardo’s house,”

Russell said that the conversation started casually as the Titanic actor, Leonard DiCaprio told him about the Dinosaur’s head. Leonard already had one but another was soon coming up in the market and he wanted that too. The Titanic actor was trying to sell this one and a little tipsy Russell took it upon himself to make sure that it happens. He recounted the exchange for Stern saying

[DiCaprio] started the conversation, he’s like, ‘I got this one, but there’s another one coming on the market that I really want so I’m trying to sell this one,’ and I said, ‘Well, I’ll buy it.’ I said ‘How much you want for it?’ He was pretty cool about it, he said, ‘Just give me what I paid for it,’ and I think he paid 30, 35 grand for it,”.

The Famous Russell Crowe tells his tale

Crowe later sold the dinosaur head that he brought in the year 2018. It was sold in the auction that he had set up to pay for his divorce. Russell divorced Danielle Spencer in the same year. The actor said that skull was maybe of a Mosasaur, though he was not sure about that fact.

Russell Crowe tells the tale of his drunken purchase of a dinosaur's head from Leonardo Dicaprio

The Academy Award winner brought a dinosaur’s head
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However, the purchase was not as absurd and out-of-the-box as it may appear. Crowe said that he brought it for a reason. He explained

Part of the reason for buying it is that when I did buy it around 2008, 2009, my kids, particularly my oldest, were fascinated [with] dinosaurs, so I said, ‘Here you go, here’s one for the playroom”

So maybe he was not so much out of his senses. Well, the Body of Lies actors Russell and Leonardo must definitely have a good time exchanging the dinosaur’s head.

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