Russell Westbrook left chasing again

Russell Westbrook left chasing again

Russell Westbrook is left stranded in Oklahoma City just like most of the times. This event has not happened for the first time, it is for the second time in three years. This time All-Star teammate and also an MVP candidate has moved up pushing the star player down the ladders. With Paul George already asking the Oklahoma City Thunders for a trade its proving tough ask for the team.

Russell Westbrook really a teammate?

Russell Westbrook left chasing again

The franchise has agreed to terms with Paul George letting the player go to LA Clippers. They have picked an insane pick in turn accompanied by Shai Gilgeous and Danilo Gallinari. George always wanted a way out of the Oklahoma team ever since signing the four-year contract of $137 million deal.

George wasn’t having problems with the court play with achievements of being an MVP finalist. Paul George was named in the First team of All NBA for the first time. His averages were on a career-high with 28.0, rebounds of 8.2, steals of 2.2 and assists of 4.1 and 36.9 minutes play per game.

He flourished with the team and also posted his best career score of PER 23.32. So what can be the actual reason for the departure of the star player? The most probable reason could be returning home to Los Angeles and teaming up with Kawhi Leonard the aptest reason.

In two years, George learnt what Kevin Durant had learned several years ago, there is no way of winning a championship with Russell Westbrook.

Team player or not?

There are no doubts about the talent that Russell Westbrook possesses. He is a great individual player its the problem with his relations with teammates. He also had issues since he doesn’t help in the development of other players.

Westbrook does some splendid assists but he rarely makes players around him better. Westbrook continues playing hero ball when things are set tight leading to the suffering of Thunders as a side.

As a result, Westbrook has to deal with losing superstar teammates and there is only one reason behind this departure and that is Westbrook only.

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