Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes Rumours: Gosling Family Fed Up With Mendes Being Possessive Of The “La La Land” Actor

ryan gosling eva mendes

Ryan Gosling has been with Eva Mendes for almost a decade. Apparently, his family is fed up with his longtime partner. They are upset with the Ghost Rider star for keeping the actor a virtual prisoner in LA. Gosling, allegedly, had become increasingly distant and the family suspected Mendes was deliberately keeping him to herself. 

ryan gosling eva mendes

Ryan Gosling Away From His Family For His Girl?

Eva Mendes was not the most popular person with Ryan Gosling’s family. Reportedly, it’s been years since Gosling traveled to Canada to visit relatives. And the family was supposedly pointing the blame directly at Mendes. Now, Gosling’s family was allegedly left wondering if the Crazy Stupid Love actor was catering too much to his partner.

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One of Mendes’ recent Instagram posts was being used as proof of her hold over Gosling, by tabloids. The post read, “Rather be home with my man than anywhere else in the world.” Additionally, in these gossip columns, Gosling was portrayed as “happy as a homebody, especially during the pandemic”. As a result, the actor’s family was upset at the lack of contact. It’s being said that they miss him and blame her for keeping him away.

Much Ado About Nothing

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has affected every part of the globe. That’s likely a key reason why Gosling has stayed away from his Canadian relatives in recent months. It was reported that it’s been ages since Gosling had even seen his family, which does seem unlikely. Gosling and Mendes are notoriously private people, especially when it comes to their personal lives. The pair is unlikely to invite paparazzi along every time they go see Gosling’s family.

Eva mendes kids

Without knowing who in his family is exactly making the complaint, it’s almost impossible to verify this information. Besides, the quote from Mendes was taken completely out of context. Mendes posted an old photo of herself running on the beach and joked that she hadn’t left the house in quite some time. A troll commented on the photo, suggesting that Mendes get Gosling to take her out of the house more, leading to Mendes’ reply that she’d “rather be home with my man.” It wasn’t a blanket statement but a well-deserved clap back to a fan that overstepped their boundaries. It’s certainly not proof that Mendes is controlling or keeping Gosling from his family.

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