Samsung 292 inches TV is big enough to cover your wall

Samsung 292 inches TV is big enough to cover your wall

Do you have a wall that could fit a television screen of 292 inches? Samsung unveiled a massive micro LED TV with 8K resolution. The new generation television is dubbed as “The wall Luxury”. Thus, the production is on its way while the initial product will be available from next month. Therefore, the Samsung 292 inches TV can firmly cover all of the walls from your luxury room.

Samsung 292 inches TV is modular from its resolution insight

The super-rich environmental setup from Samsung is only 33mm thick. However, Samsung’s microchip technology is transposable which means it can be composed of various sizes. But, the disadvantage of these modules is that the resolution can be increased. On the other hand, the individual resolution can’t be increased so, for that addition of modules will only increase more pixels.

Samsung 292 inches TV is big enough to cover your wall

SOURCE: Korea Times

Just like this new micro LED TV, Samsung also entertained us with its micro LED back in CES 2018. Though, the size wasn’t so big apparently, made an optimum size of 75 inches. The displays are LED, just for the sake, it doesn’t naturally require a backlight to create pictures. Thus, giving an extra contrast and a life of approximately 11 years.

Samsung 292 inches TV is big enough to cover your wall


Advanced technology along hefty price is what latest TV from Samsung

Samsung designed such edge to edge display to provide a digital canvas for a luxury room. They want the buyers to keep ignited for all time which would make enlightened for interiors. Another subtle feature included is its ambient mode when the TV is not working for other use. However, the TV size along with its 8K resolution doesn’t actually provide 8K content from the world. For which, Samsung designed the TV with AI enhancement that could uplift other formats of viewing. Thus, with this machine learning technology, the quality of the picture will surely make a change.

Samsung 292 inches TV will be hefty with its pricing. For now, the company didn’t disclose any pricing from its side. And this pricy models can even go up to six digits prior to your bank digits. More importantly, it’s a basic question what actually makes up the resolution? A normal HD resolution is about 1920 X 1080 pixels which all total makes to 2 million pixels. So, for this 8K TV display, the sum total of pixels can scale to 33 million pixels on the screen.

Therefore, if someone is planning to make your luxury wall into a digital canvas with the ultra-wide screen. This Samsung 292 inches TV is all for you, but the price can be pretty high. So, saving a hell lot of money can utterly make you buy this.

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