Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite Launching Postponed to 2021


Samsung has released several foldable phones, such as Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. People have discussed this innovative design for a while, saying that it looks and sounds luxuries.

The breakthrough of touchscreen phones with foldable screen gained attention. However, this kind of phone is costly and more fragile compared to a normal one. People doubt there will be commonplace for it, at least in the near future.

Samsung played a key role in this kind of phone. They are among the first to release it to the market and pushing more affordable foldable phones at this moment. However, it seems that they won’t be releasing any new product of this kind soon. Reports say the Galaxy Fold Lite 4G has been put on hold.

During this current global economic situation, a low-cost foldable version might be booming. A $1,100 cost of a foldable phone might be a best-selling, especially the kind of Galaxy Fold.

Rumors of a cheaper foldable phone started around last month. However, it has not gained a lot of attention compared to other upcoming Samsung products. As the rumors said, the Galaxy Fold Lite will have only two cameras and available for the 4G network to keep prices down. For the cover screen, it would be slimmer than the predecessor, Galaxy Fold.


In fact, Samsung has decided to postpone the launch of this product. The previous new series launching, Galaxy S20, has been a disappointment for the sales. The report from Korean media does not provide more detail, but Samsung is postponing the phone’s launch to 2021.

Given the delay, the product will not be attractive anymore. Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Fold 2 around August. The launch will set a new standard for a future foldable phone. In that way, Galaxy Fold Lite 4G might gain less traction despite the lower price.

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