Samsung Galaxy Note 10 turns out to be faster than S10 and OnePlus 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 turns out to be faster than S10 and OnePlus 7

Smart phones are now more like an item of need than a luxury!! Ever since the invention of smart phones the race of being the best and most wanted phone has been raging like a wild fire.

Ever new model comes up with some-or-the-other new device that caters to the ignored needs of people. It looks like Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is planning on winning the hearts of people by its unmatchable fast speed. If certain reports be trusted then it might be even faster than OnePlus 7 Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 turns out to be faster than S10 and OnePlus 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 10
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 holds unmatchable speed!

Monday came along with the announcement of new version of Snapdragon 855 platform by Qualcomm. As report informs, the new version will power umpteen Android flagship including Galaxy S10 as well as OnePlus 7 phones.

However, the question of the upgraded Snapdragon-855 platform being inside Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Pixel 4 remained as a mystery. The upgraded 855 Plus is presented before the audience as a gaming phones, mobile platform. One with enhanced AI ability along with better AR, which is complimented by a 5G connection.

Just a day after that, tables got turned when the news of Note 10 being faster than S10 and OnePlus 7 hit the media. Its uber fast speed is a gift from a new chip, which installed in it. However, the mysterious powerful chip is not dubbed as Sanpdragon 855!!!

Samsung runs at second position, first is still owned by iPhone!

Yes, Samsung is trying to lessen the quality gap between its products and iPhones. Looks like it has taken a great leap this time!! Ice Universe, the Samsung insider took to Twitter in-order to announce the new. It posted a screenshot of a pic that features the Geekbench scores of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 turns out to be faster than S10 and OnePlus 7

8GB Ram phone, faster than OnePlus 7
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The 8GB RAM phone scored 4495 in single test while achieved 10223 in the multi-core test. The result turned out to be greater than most people’s expectation for it scored higher than Galaxy S10!! Clearly coming closely second to the new and latest iPhones.

What score iPhone and S10 received??

iPhone XS Max reached 4800 and 11200 mark for the similar test. While the S10 which also holds Exynos old-version chip reaches upto 4300 and 9800 for the same. The secret of Note 10 success turns out to be the new Exynos 9825, which is an upgrade of the 9820 that resides in S10.

Well the new chip will add perceivable improvements in the phone. However, the single test cannot be termed as the final. After all Samsung was found cheating in the test last time!!

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