Samsung Is Leading Southeast Asian Market, Beating Its Chinese Rivals


Samsung Electronics Co. gained an 18.9 percent share in the Southeast Asian smartphone market. This market share is slightly higher than its Chinese rivals Oppo, as this company has 18.7 percent.

Some fellow Chinese companies are also dominant in the market. Xiaomi comes in third by claiming 14.8 percent, Vivo at fourth with 13.6 percent, and Realme gaining the fifth spot with 7.3 percent.

The trend for smartphones in the first quarter in Southeast Asia is in Samsung’s favor. Smartphones costing between $600 and $900 surged from 4 to 10 percent in the first quarter.

For smartphones priced less than $100 gained 27 percent in the first quarter, falling from 46 percent last year. This is bad news as Chinese phone makers are hugely contributing to this budget phone market.

In terms of global sales in April, China’s Huawei is on top of Samsung for the world’s largest smartphone vendor. Huawei’s market share is at 21.4 percent while Samsung had 19.1 percent. However, in total during the first quarter, Samsung is still on top as they gained an 18.5 percent share, beating Huawei at 14.2 percent.

Chinese phone makers rely mostly on the regional market, while Samsung has been expanding widely to major markets like Europe. A bad time for the sale, the Europeans are suffering heavily during this ongoing pandemic.

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