Samsung launched its own 5x optical zoom module

Samsung launched its own 5x optical zoom module

Optical zoom seems to the next big trend in the smartphone market. Recently, Samsung revealed its own 5x optical zoom module in the market. This module may work for the next Samsung’s note series.

But, some reports claimed the intention for getting it in note series is slim. SEM (Samsung Electro-Mechanics) has started to mass produce this module.

Samsung launched its own 5x optical zoom module

SOURCE: Android Authority

Samsung 5x optical zoom – feature

The produced module by Samsung is just 5 mm thick, that’s the big thing now. Presently, Samsung uses the periscope method which refracts the light at the right angle and the sensors are arranged horizontally. The method results in a thinner module and doubles the focal length for the 2x modules.

As Samsung is third in the list of optical zoom for cameras. Firstly, OPPO introduced the concept but was late to introduce in its latest phones. Though, Huawei tops the list by making its appearance in Huawei P30 Pro. So now Samsung too joins the list but it’s unsure to which smartphone it will initiate.

However, 5mm module is slim compared to the 6mm for previous models. The new 5x will use refracting prism-like Huawei P30 Pro but the lens is circular instead of rectangular. Moreover, the module stands vertically making the thickness a little slimmer.

Samsung launched its own 5x optical zoom module

Images taken with 1x, 2x and 5x camera modules as a test

In which smartphone Samsung will initiate?

As of now, the common answer will be Galaxy Note 10 but, due to the rebranding of certain Galaxy A series the answer still hangs. The note 10 is expected for August though there are chances for the A series. So, the module has more chances to be initiated in these models. Still, who knows what Samsung wants?

In addition, Samsung also launched a 64 megapixels GW1 sensor which doesn’t have any chance for Galaxy Note 10. With this, we can confirm, if somehow it misses the 5x zoom with the same smartphone then the company may incur losses. And even the sales may decrease by getting the same features over and again.

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