Samuel Kim the famous k-pop singer’s father stabbed to death!

Samuel Kim the famous k-pop singer's father stabbed to death!

Another inevitable death news sweeps the world of its joy. Jose Arredondo, father of the famous K-Pop star Samuel Kim is reported to have been stabbed to death!! The hardships of life are doubled each time a loved-one leaves us and go. However, memories filled mind and tears filled eyes keep them alive in our souls.

Jose Arredondo, father of Samuel Kim is was murdered!

Jose Arredondo, father of Samuel Kim was stabbed to death!

Samuel Kim
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The 58 years old Jose Arredondo was a car dealer by profession. His fame and acknowledgement by the society came as a gift from his son Samuel Kim. Produce 101, contestant, the talented singer Samuel Kim has suffered a great loss.

The first news channel who reported the information appears to be KGET. However, as time passed the Korean news pointed out his connection with Samuel. As reports state, Jose is murdered at one of his home in Cabo San Lucas, which is in Mexico.

Signs of home invasion are speculated, however no information regarding the matter is revealed. His body was found dead with multiple stab wounds, which could be the possible reason of death. The evidence which are put forth to the audience signals towards a house invasion and murder.

A wave of gloom engulfs family and friends!

Jose Arredondo, father of Samuel Kim was stabbed to death!

Samuel Kim
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The sudden demise of Jose Arredondo, not only shocked his family, but also the people of Bakersfield. Investigation are under-way along with funeral arrangements.

Jose Arredondo came to US in the year 1971, at the young age of 11. He is actually a Mexican immigrant who established a lucrative business of car dealership. Brought up in a huge family, with 10 other siblings, Jose earned his living in the initial stage of his life by washing cars.

Who could have thought back then, that one day he shall own a several car dealership in Bakersfield all by himself.

Condolence to Samuel Kim and his family.

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