DC Sandman TV series all set to premier on Netflix

Another DC Tv series to Premier on Netflix: Sandman

While thinking of Sandman, we remember Sam Raimi’s Spiderman Trilogy’s villain. But this is not the case, Sandman is a DC character and he is getting his own series on Netflix.

‘Sandman’ doesn’t specify a name in DC comics. It is a band of beings who represent the abstract terms of our lives. They include characters like Dream, Death, Desire, Destiny and many more …

Another DC Tv series to Premier on Netflix: Sandman



‘Sandman’ was referenced lastly in CW TV series ‘Legends of Tomorrow’. Also, it was an ongoing comic series in DC comics by the legendary author ‘Neil Gaiman’. It focuses on the interactions of these ‘Abstract’ beings with normal humans.

‘Sandman’ expanded DC comic universe into the multiverse and beyond. It opened gates to a new concept which could be used to build a universe of its own.


Ever after having great content and series potential, it never made on TV until now. Many unproduced and scraping of its ideologies, finally we can see the interactions of Immortals with humans. Neil Gaiman has recently finished the highly appreciated ‘Good Omens’. It is somewhat similar to Sandman. In Good Omens we can see Angel and Devil interacting with normal humans.

However, Good Omens has a more of a comical sense to it whereas Sandman will be more of a Horror/Fantasy genre. Neil’s work in American Gods is highly appreciated by fans and TV series fanatics. As the concept is similar we can expect decent action with an amazing storyline.

The question still arises, Will it be included in the DC TV series universe? Or DCEU? However, it will be more relevant if it will be in ‘Lucifer’ universe. Lucifer is another TV series going on Netflix and it is hard to imagine Sandman without Lucifer. He spun out from Sandman’s comics itself and hence it could be a great opportunity for DC to expand in Netflix.


  • Sandman vol 1 to 10
  •  Vol 0 (Prequel)
  • Endless nights
  • Dream Hunters
  • The Time of Your Life (Death spinoff)

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