Satechi has nailed the Smart outlet

Satechi has nailed the Smart outlet

Along with smart plugs, smart bulbs have been the most picked up smart home device genres in the market. It has really taken us aback, that why it took so long for everyone to finally get an alternative which is going to tick all the boxes. And now we will finally have the Satechi smart outlet.

Satechi has nailed the Smart outlet


Perfect homekit design:

As far as the basics go for Satechi, there is no Amazon Alexa support or Google Assistant. For Apple users this is actually fine and is certainly reducing the possibilities of this being compromised. It is certainly eliminating the needs to rely on other companies to zero.

Like most of the homekits, This could easily be monitored by Siri, it can be supervised using location or device triggers and scheduled as well. It doesn’t take time while setting up the device. It can be programmed by just opening the home application and scanning for the Homekit code stuck at the top.

Satechi has nailed the Smart outlet

Really Smart outlet:

There are four major reasons why we have regarded the Smart outlet as the perfect Homekit. The reasons why it is a class apart are:

  • Design
  • Features
  • Number of outlets
  • Connectivity

The design of the product is very slim and a smart plug. By keeping the product slimmer it doesn’t compromise with the second outlet. It is a bit wider than the expectations.

Most of the homekits can be switched on or off and few add the feature of being able to control the consumption of energy. But with this outlet you can get the data of electricity consumed on the app.

Generally speaking most of the outlets have a single plug available that means you need to buy a second plug for the second device.

Also Satechi has opted for Wi-Fi connectivity rather than Bluetooth connectivity for the smart deice. As a general rule Bluetooth works well for the homekits. We are completely happy with everything with the homekit design.

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