Scarlett Johansson, Colin Jost Rumours: Couple Were On The Verge Of Split Right Before Wedding

Scarlett Johansson Colin Jost

Beating all such bogus stories, the couple has just gotten married. So, obviously, the two are happy together. Just like any other famous couple, Jost and Johansson have been subjected to many baseless speculations about their relationship.

Gossip columns seem to be grasping at straws to create unnecessary drama in their utterly normal celebrity life. The two reportedly got married on the fly, so obviously there could be no laborious arguments over guest lists. If there had been any serious issues, then the duo wouldn’t have tied the knot at all, right?

Grand Ceremony At Jackman Residence?

Rumour had it that the Lucy actress and Weekend Update co-host will get married in a lavish wedding. And the venue was Hugh Jackman’s home. But then, the beautiful couple married in a small ceremony at Johansson’s home. Therefore, the whole Jackman story was clearly a fabrication, as well. To state the obvious, the newlyweds are doing perfectly fine. In fact, happy and in love as ever.

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