Sea of Solitude game is a beautiful attempt of understanding isolation

Sea of Solitude game is a beautiful attempt of understanding isolation

Wanna know what ‘Sea of Solitude‘ is all about? It is a story about Kay. She’s a young woman who looks gnarly and monstrous with bright red eyes. She is alone in a flooded city filled with red-eyed demons much like her own.
She’s also lost and doesn’t really know who she is anymore.

She’s heard saying “What is wrong with me? Where am I?” at the beginning of the game. So that’s the basic storyline on which Jo-Mei Games and EA’s newest game ‘Sea of Solitude’ is based on. The game would be available on PS4, Xbox and PC.

What to expect?

Sea of Solitude Gameplay

The gamer plays as Kay who goes around exploring a deserted and submerged city fighting off scurfy red-eyed monsters. She does this in order to fully understand why Kay became this monster herself.

We don’t know much about Kay’s backstory. We only know that her issues have haunted her for a very long time changing her physical appearance. The game is beautiful and filled with metaphors that have a much deeper meaning.

Every monster in the game represents an unresolved issue with tremendous trauma in Kay’s life that has led her to become who she is. This means that Kay has to fight monsters in the game and also trauma in real life.

Mental health awareness has been a trending topic in recent times so it makes sense why it is popping up in pop culture as well. But that does not mean we understand it fully well only because it’s popular.

Sea of Solitude game is a beautiful attempt of understanding isolation

Mental health issues have plagued the world

Depression makes you question yourself and anxiety makes you question everything around you. With so much happening so quickly inside the victim’s head, panic and anxiety episodes are very common.

Keeping all this in mind we can understand why the visuals of ‘Sea of Solitude’ are like this. The makers and developers of the game tried their best to make the gaming appearance as relatable as possible. But if understanding mental illnesses were so easy then it wouldn’t be one of the biggest contributors to annual death rates.

Living with a mental illness means fighting a new battle every day but it’s not as repetitive or monotonous as the game gets soon after the beginning. We are not trying to romanticize mental illnesses or issues. But a game cannot help someone get out of depression because, after a certain time, the victim clings on to anything familiar even if it’s his depression.

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