Second US town pays up to ransomware hackers

Hackers takes ransome of $600,000 from a town in Florida
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After the IT staff in Lake City went under a ransomware attack, the town in Florida decided to pay money in negotiation. Nowadays, various IT firms are becoming prey to online hackers. They are becoming a threat to big organizations. However, the Government should take necessary steps to avoid such incidents.

A town in Florida paid a huge amount to hackers

Recently, after a ransomware attack, Florida municipalities paid $500,000 (£394,000) to hackers. The computer systems in Lake City were downed for two weeks. Also, Coastal suburb Riviera Beach suffered from a similar incident.

Moreover, they decided to pay $600,000 to the hacker. They forcibly had to pay such a huge amount to get back their important files. According to the sources, the IT staff in Lake City immediately disconnected the staff computers when the hackers started the attack.

Second US town pays up to ransomware hackers – A town in Florida has paid $500,000 (£394,000) to hackers after a ransomware attack. from technology

Unfortunately, it was too late to regain their lost data. Apart from that, IT workers were locked out of their email accounts. Also, they were not able to make online municipal payments.

Later on, the hackers contacted the insurer of the town and demanded a ransom payment of 42 bitcoins. The officials agreed to pay the $500,000 because it was the only way to regain their computer data.

What to do when your company is under a ransomware attack?

Avoid paying ransoms to the hackers because there is no guarantee of getting your important computer data back. However, trying to regain your computer system from ransomware infection with the help of specific software is also very expensive.

The best way is to stay away from such attacks is by installing high tech security in the computer systems.

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