US Postal begins test run for self driving trucks

Self – driving trucks are front man for US Postal

The US Postal started a test for self-driving trucks between southeastern major states to transport mails. This service initiated on Tuesday with an intention to commercialize vehicles as an autonomous.

TuSimple a startup based in San Diego is hauling the business between Phoenix and Dallas. This pilot program will evaluate how technology is helpful for transporting goods. However, the technology gets a green signal, it can calculate the amount of time and costs that are invested. During the pilot program, a safety driver along with an Engineer will hold when necessary.

Self-driving trucks can reduce the need for the driver shortage

Moreover, with its success, autonomous driving will mark an achievement. Subsequently, a breakthrough for driver shortage along with the constraints that are faced by freight hauliers.

This pilot program will cover more than 3,380 Km which may either include five round trips.

The self-drive trucks will cover interstates and pass along states including Arizona, Texas and New Mexico. The main motive is to eliminate the shortage of drivers, time constraints and free shipping.

According to the American Truck Association, there will be a shortage of drivers with 174,500 by 2024. The reason for the shortage is due to aged truck force and young drivers are uninterested.

Self – driving trucks are front man for US Postal

SOURCE: Forbes

US Postal: The difference in driverless cars and trucks

The contrast with self – drive trucks and passenger car is hugely justified by the company’s CPO. He says, moving along with the trucks will reduce the requirement of maps.

Moreover, taking safety in an account which will reduce as there will be no pedestrian and bicycles on the interstate roads. As for companies like Uber or involves them in self-driving may face challenges in the city. This anticipation involves human and navigating in the city centres is more of challenging work.

Self – driving trucks are front man for US Postal

SOURCE: Arizona Daily Star

The partnership between TuSimple and US Postal Service didn’t mention the cost for the program. From a report, there is no involvement of tax as the firms depend on the revenue incurred from postal services.

Moreover, TuSimple is raising funds from private financing. The company raised around 178 Million US dollars which includes firms like Nvidia Corporation and Chinese media firm Sina Corporation.

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