Sesame Street introduces Karli – A new Muppet

Sesame Street introduces Karli - A new Muppet

Sesame Street introduces Karli – A new Muppet to spread awareness. Sesame Street has been the kids’ favorite show and an informative one too. While kids love to see their favorite characters dance and talk around, unintentionally they adopt values too.

These values prove to be great when they are taught in the guise of fun! Sesame Street has introduced a new character, Karli, to portray the life of a foster child.

In the US there are a lot of children who are under foster care until their parents can take them home. At times, these children are subjected to bullying due to this situation which has no fault of theirs. Karli would help inculcate manners and compassion amongst small kids. Moreover, the best part about stating such facts through a show is, that they stick in the head but not seriously.

Sesame Street introduces Karli - A new Muppet

creating awareness about foster families.
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Sesame Street: The overall reason and objectives

Sciences says that until 5 years children adapt quickly. Keeping this in mind there are a lot of countries, who teach children basic manners, or basic surviving skills.

This is why Karli could be a friend to these kids and help to create a better environment. Also, children can be manipulated easily at this age. Karli’s character would represent foster kids and create an acceptable atmosphere for them.

Sesame Street introduces Karli - A new Muppet

She enters to spread love
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Her entry and the story

While the family is prepping up for a delicious pizza, Karli tells Elmo where everyone is going to sit to dine according to their mats. She then finds out that she has no place at the table and is disheartened.

Then, her foster mother sings a song which tells her that she belongs to them and is a strong child. She also tells Elmo that this is Karli’s home and she’ll take care of her until her mother arrives.

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